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Bath type

Building integrated bath facility


Stockholm, Sweden



À propos

This project is intended to demonstrate the complementary nature of urban bathing to waterfront cultural buildings. This cultural centre offers a museum of water and the area's harbour-industrial past. Our landscaping ambition was to create a bath integrated into the design of the site, offering a panoramic view from its heights that continues with access to the open water from the museum. 


The area dedicated to aquatic leisure includes 2 saunas and changing rooms with showers. We then worked on 3 different swimming areas:  

  • The 1st design features access to the water reduced to a minimum: steps that continue into the water to ensure safety, as well as platforms that can be used for jumping, sunbathing or launching kayaks / paddle boards.

  • The 2nd design takes the form of a hybrid bath, i.e. a pool that is open to the rest of the waterway. It offers safety and the possibility of practising sport while ensuring a freer and lighter practice. 

  • The 3rd design features two closed, more traditional pools. One of the pools has a 1.20 m deep floor to allow children to swim in safety. Next to this, there is a more open access area to ensure a wide range of uses.

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