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The rings of reconciliation

Bath type

Bathing sites and public space


Europe, Australia, North America, Asia



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These rings hold so many symbols, from the Olympian ideal to the indescribable link between man and water. In this case, they represent the reclamation of the watercourse by residents, who, thanks to bathing and the use of these urban spaces for leisure activities, can now enjoy a new, peaceful and healthy environment close to their homes. 


The first of these are inspired by the Quai de Cologny development in Geneva, on the shores of Lake Leman (by Adao architectes), or the silhouette of the Waterman Coves quay in Sydney (Grant associates). All made of wood, they are designed as modular floating structures that can be moved to different locations along the quays. 


The second series presents these projects in situ. At the heart of harbour areas currently undergoing profound renewal, bathing facilities take the form of large public spaces. Whether in the form of bathing promenades, private sauna clubs, tourist sites or cultural buildings on the quayside, they are helping to shape the identity of these new living areas close to the water.

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