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Bath type

Bathing site in Marne River


Joinville-le-Pont, France



À propos

Prospective consulting mission for the harbour redevelopment of Joinville-le-Pont to restore the town's standing as a Parisian leisure town.

The aim is twofold:

- To develop tourism on the riverside of the Marne by promoting bathing as a leisure and exotic activity in a natural environment.
- To improve the quality of life for local residents by offering an activity linked to physical well-being and leisure all year round.

This demand is part of a social and urban context that is favourable to the return of urban bathing in the Paris region:

- The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are creating an unprecedented social and financial dynamic.
- The department's various authorities are investing in bringing connections into compliance and cleaning up the water to ensure that it is suitable for bathing. 

- Water is becoming essential for cooling off in summer, and residents are already going for a swim during very hot periods.

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