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Bath type

Harbour bath


Montréal, Canada



À propos

The harbour of Montreal is evolving as public authorities try to turn its industrial past into a leisure function. These harbour baths were designed for the Jacques-Cartier Basin in the Port of Montreal. As the first harbour baths in a world-famous city, they were intended to be the port's showcase, hence the importance of the view of the Skyline in their design. 


This series of projects features 3 different concepts, covering the 2 seasons, summer and winter.

1. The first set of baths was designed on a large scale, to provide a facility capable of accommodating large numbers of people. Given the strict safety and surveillance rules in force in Canada, these baths are supervised with pools of different depths to minimise the risks to vulnerable populations. 


2. The second type of design consists of small-scale baths with a more localised focus on the development of recreational activities. These baths are therefore original in shape and nature, more organic and wavy. Their design encourages residents to make them their own, thanks to the intimacy they create.


3. In our minds, urban bathing in Montreal cannot be imagined without winter bathing and infrastructures specially dedicated to this practice. So we're imagining baths with a larger built-up area, including saunas, changing rooms, pools with floors, a common room, and so on.

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