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A place can take many forms. Here, we take an old marina that has been transformed into a leisure area dedicated to bathing.

1st bath :

1. The bathing area is open to the river and simplified as much as possible. The decks are relatively small, as are the leisure facilities.

2. The bath remains open to the river, but the decks have been greatly enlarged. Stairs with submerged grids have been added (these grids are used to provide a flat bottom for bathers who want to be safe, particularly in winter). Finally, a diving board has been added in the foreground to make the facility more fun to use. 

3. The bath is completely closed off from the rest of the river. It takes the form of a pool surrounded by decks, which has the advantage of being easier to monitor.

2nd bath:

1. The bath is open to the river, but has a paddling pool disconnected from the rest of the river. It is possible to swim freely in the rest of the area. This fun element ensures that the bath is used by families with young children in particular.

2. The bath is open to the river, but has a platform with a diving board in the middle. This playful element ensures that teenagers in particular use the bath.

3. The bath is virtually closed off from the river by a hybrid form of separation (wall + platform). Closing off the bath to create a pool ensures that the bath can be used for sportive purposes, either by associations or by residents on a self-organised basis.

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