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What does the future hold for river cities once bathing in their waterways has been made accessible to all? 

We would like to highlight some of the projects that S.B.U. has come up with for private bathing facilities. 

Barges: a new range of services? 

The first 2 series are barges (restaurants, discotheques, hotels) which will eventually have their own bathing area. Mainly in the form of pools with submerged bottoms to guarantee comfort, these bathing sites will be intended for different uses: 1) a festive and folkloric offer of bathing as a summer activity or 2) a sports and wellness offer where customers would come especially to swim in complete tranquillity before or after eating. Why not even in winter? That's why we've also shown them in the snow, in the middle of February. 

Company offices: providing employees with a peaceful working environment

Imagine taking a rest by the water between meetings, or taking a dip at lunchtime? Or even better, travelling from home to work by boat or kayak and landing directly on the company pontoon? Many companies have their offices close to the river: in a protected, natural environment, the only thing missing is to arrange access to the water to offer employees a unique place to relax. Gone are the days of upstairs common rooms; long live waterside cafés! The bathing area can easily be combined with a gym or sauna to offer unique and in demand services. 

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