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Bath type

Bathing site as part of an urban renewal project


Strasbourg, France



À propos

We have worked on an imaginary project for the urban recycling of an industrial harbour wasteland. Urban renewal and the regeneration of harbour areas for an industrial town often provide opportunities for redeveloping the waterfront. In this situation, harbour baths can offer a solution in terms of recreational spaces for the inhabitants of these newly inhabited areas.

1st set :
- Image 1: the abandoned wasteland, our creative terrain. 
- Image 2: Reusing the basin as a harbour bath. The buildings are recycled into office space and recreational services. 
- Image 3: Creation of a large urban beach, and conversion of the buildings into street-food and cultural spaces. 
- Image 4: Reconversion of the port into a promenade with a calmer, renatured setting. The curves of the old quay have been removed to accommodate pleasure boats. 

- Image 5 : The space is transformed into a third place dedicated to the cultural life of the district. A festive space, many heritage features have been preserved to remind everyone of the area's industrial past. 


2nd set:

Inspired by the new districts of Copenhagen, we designed the face of the future districts of Nordhavn (the largest urban harbour renewal project in Northern Europe). The brief was to use the proximity of the water to create a unique landscape for the residents, while preserving the industrial atmosphere as a legacy.

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